Latest Past Events

2022 Manette Annual Garage Sale

Come on over to Manette for the annual community garage sale that takes place the July 16 & 17th from 9-2PM!   More than 30 households and businesses participated last year in a veritable shopping extravaganza in the friendly and picturesque community of Manette. Want to participate? Fill out our form or email us at

MNC Board & Public Meeting

Senior Center in Manette 1140 Nipsic Ave, Bremerton

Regular meeting of the Manette Neighborhood Coalition Board. Open to people interested in neighborhood events. Meeting will be held in person at the Bremerton Senior Center: 1140 Nipsic Ave, Bremerton, WA 98310 MNC June 2022 Agenda  

2022 Spring Cleaning ‘Curb Alert’ Day

Hello Manetters! We are trying something a little different this year. While we will still host our annual garage sale in August, we wanted to offer a single day opportunity where Manette Residents can recirculate things that they are no longer using back into the community for free! It’s a win-win! Saturday, May 7th from