The MNC was formed in response to the sale of the old Manette Elementary School in 2002.  Neighbors joined together and presented their concerns to the Bremerton School Board.  The property was eventually sold and is occupied by our friends at the Discovery Fellowship.

Today, the MNC connects with our city leadership to continue improving our gem of a neighborhood.  We host the Manette Neighborhood Coalition Facebook page, which is your sounding board for engaging in the process with us.

In 2022, the MNC Board updated the Coalition goals:

  • Establish and maintain an open line of communication among neighbors for discussion of ideas which affect the neighborhood and promote cooperative action.
  • Develop better awareness and access to services and government agencies.
  • Promote and celebrate diversity in the neighborhood.
  • Provide an open process for all neighbors and businesses to be partners in the affairs of the neighborhood.
  • Promote friendship, reduce conflict, and foster a sense of caring among neighbors.

View the Manette Neighborhood Coalition bylaws, adopted June 2022.

Boundaries of the area served by the MNC are as follows: 

North to South: Sea to Stone (Point Herron to Stone Way)

East to West: Sea to Sea (Port Washington Narrows to Port Orchard)

See Manette neighborhood map ↗