Welcome to Manette!

Welcome to the home of the Manette Neighborhood Coalition (MNC).  Here you will find news and events in, around, and affecting the Manette neighborhood of Bremerton, Washington.

To find out more about the MNC, please visit the About page.  If you’re interested in upcoming and past events around Kitsap county, check out the Events page.  You can also keep up on MNC info on the News page.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to the Coalition at manetteneighborhoodcoalition@gmail.com.

Message from your Chair

Thank you for visiting our redesigned site! We’ll be making a few updates that we hope you find useful. The board of directors recently met to discuss the wide range of events we’re planning for 2019. Our theme this year is improve our neighborhood!

– Kevin Gorman