How it works:

The Welcome Center, located in the Discovery Fellowship/Catalyst parking lot accessible from Hayward Avenue, will open at 9:30 on the day of the Garden Tour. After a $5.00 donation at the Welcome Center, participants will be given a tour button and a map of the participating gardens. Ages 12 and under are free. Proceeds go to supporting future Tours, projects that foster community in Manette, and local nonprofits.

Information about features in each garden are provided in the map/brochure and Welcome Center volunteers can also provide helpful tips for selecting the gardens to visit. For everyone’s safety, we will be following CDC and Washington State COVID-19 guidelines. This may include asking people to maintain social distancing and/or requiring masks be worn in the gardens. Please do not bring dogs into the gardens.

The Gardens


Gardening with dogs, organic raised beds, greenhouse, compost, pollinators, foodbank support, dwarf trees, and yard art.

Jackie at Discovery Fellowship

Gardens to provide produce for Kitsap Rescue Mission. Raised beds on pavement, hanging tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, drip irrigation.

Stephanie & TJ

Courtyard garden w/over 20 different varieties of edible plants: veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc. Chicken coop, mason bees, compost bin, rain barrel. Garden is pollinator, kid, & animal friendly.

Copper, Hazel, & Juniper

Renter's Garden. Kid Friendly. Veggies. Fruit trees and berries. Chicken Coop. Pollinator friendly.

Ellen & Ron

Custom built green house. Upcycled materials. Composting systems. Rain barrels. Drip irrigation. Deer protected. Vegetables, fruits and berries.


Large terraced Edible Garden with veggies, fruit trees/plants & herbs. Green House made out of reclaimed products, compost & rain catchment system. Wood worker, builder & animal lovers.

Becky & Tim

Backyard oasis. Raised beds with large variety of fruits and vegetables. Squash arch. Upcycled potato kegs. Mason Bees. Deer Protected. Integrated herbs in ornamental beds.


Small scale good variety, creative use of yard space. Raised beds, berries, grapes, asparagus, kiwi.

Tanya & Dave

Free range chickens, Raised beds, numerous fruit trees, large production with lots of variety for small lot. Pomegranates. Kitchen herb garden.

Deborah & Eugene

Chicken coop and hen house, sustainable watering system, year-round gardening, winter gardening, greenhouses, fruit trees. Growing grains (wheat and oats).

Jacquelyn & Bryan

A "kitchen garden" with a large variety of edible plants & beautiful ornamentals. Artist Workshop to be open offering handmade notebooks, prints, cards & stickers.

Taylor Parsons

Small garden space with 3 bee hives, raised beds, and a watering system. Kiwi arch, herbs, greens, squash, hops, fruit, tomatoes and compost.

Mel & Cyra

Indigenous Seedkeeper (collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds) focus on building healthy and resilient food systems. Front yard conversion to edible garden beds - 100% pollinator friendly.


Limited space, variety garden with raised vegetables beds, squash arch, compost, drip and soaker system, fruit trees & shrubs

Robert & Karen

Cottage style garden featuring vegetables amongst perennial plantings. Pier Six Press will have an open studio with letterpress in action as well as rock carving and laser engraved samples. Posters, cards, and garden rocks for sale.