Board Members

Current Board Members

Melissa Watkinson-Schutten – Chairperson

Melissa Watkinson-Schutten

Puget Sound has always been home to Melissa and her wife, Cyra. They moved to Manette in summer 2019, drawn by friends that had recently moved here, the space for their pups Harry and Zeus to run around, and the opportunity to be closer to the mountains and the shores of Kitsap where they often go camping and clamming (and sometimes clamping!). Melissa learned about the MNC when her and Cyra were in their front yard getting their garden established. They were then part of the Edible Garden Tour of 2021 and the rest is history! You can find them coaching seasonal sports through the Bremerton YMCA, grabbing a beer at the local establishments, and of course, their front yard.

Michael Simmons – Vice-Chairperson

Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons

Michael moved to Manette in the summer of 2015, but has lived in the area since 2012. He really enjoys the localness of the area! Particularly, all of the events, shops, and places that people come to visit keep him happy. Plus, it’s all down the street! Before he heard about the MNC, he was curious how he could become more involved in our neighborhood, and what he could do beyond commenting on the Facebook page. He came to a meeting and found a good way to make a community he already loves even better.

Deborah McDaniel – Secretary

Deborah McDaniel

Deborah and her husband Eugene Brennan moved to Manette in the fall of 1999, and never looked back. Their garden has been featured in every Manette Edible Garden Tour, and she was active with the group that worked to get chicken (hen) ownership legalized in Bremerton. She became aware of the Neighborhood Coalition at its founding, and has been a board member for several years, finding that an excellent way to remain involved in the community she’s grown to love.

Jordy Andrew – Treasurer

Jordy Andrew

Jordy moved to Manette in February of 1977 and still lives in the same house. He loves the character of the neighborhood and its people, and of course the water and mountain views. Along with his late wife, he started the MNC in 2006 as a way to respond to the sale and use of the Manette Elementary School site. They stayed active in the community until her death in 2011 and he remains active to honor her and the community he loves.

Stephanie Vezina – Technology Officer

Stephanie Vezina

Members at Large

Joan Dingfield

Debbie Coil