11th and Perry Construction Update

The City of Bremerton Public Works & Utilities department recently shared an update with the MNC. The 11th and Perry project will be conducting soil explorations in the coming weeks. More information below:

I thought I would provide you some advanced notice on upcoming activities for the E 11th St and Perry Ave project. Feel free to share this information with any and all constituents or refer them to the city project web page at: http://www.bremertonwa.gov/

HWA Geosciences Inc will be performing initial soil explorations for the 11th and Perry Project in the second week in January.  The attached maps show boring locations.
Work taking place: Soil Borings and Hand Augers
Work time: 9AM-3PM M-F
Work Dates: 1/13/20-1/17/20
Locations: (See maps)
E 11th St Boring Locations – Soil boring will occur in the parking areas outside of the drive lanes on 11th St between Pitt Ave and Perry Ave. HWA will core through the asphalt then drill down collecting soil samples at 2½ foot intervals.  The noise during drilling will be considerable during the sampling periods. Sampling periods typically only last 1-2 minutes. After completion of the borings, the parking areas will be restored.
Perry Ave Hand Auger Locations – HWA will perform hand augers will be conducted in grass strips adjacent to the roadway on Perry Ave between 11th St and 17th St.  HWA will not need to be in the roadway and the noise from this procedure is minimal.  After completion of the hand augers HWA will backfill the hole with drilling spoils and replace the sod on top. 

Chris Dimmitt, P.E.
Civil Engineer II
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