About the Manette Edible Garden Tour

This is old copy from 2016 - should be updated for 2018.

Get Inspired!

Recalling the self-sufficiency of previous generations who planted Victory Gardens, Manette edible gardeners are opening their gardens to their neighbors to show techniques for growing food in small urban spaces. Come see many approaches to growing fresh food year round and to restoring the health of your family, your land and the Puget Sound. The tour is a great opportunity for Manette residents to get to know their neighbors, and for other Kitsap residents to get to know Manette. The gardeners page will tell you who will be on the tour, and what types of urban gardening they are up to. The tour is a great way to see different techniques in practice as well as learn about animal husbandry in the city.

Our Goals

  • Promote awareness of the value of local food.
  • Encourage and support increased local food production.
  • Help develop more food-producing gardens in the community.
  • Educate and reach out into the community.
  • Network and help build a healthy community around food.

Presented by the Manette Neighborhood Coalition Bremerton, Washington, USA