11th and Perry Construction Update

The City of Bremerton Public Works & Utilities department recently shared an update with the MNC. The 11th and Perry project will be conducting soil explorations in the coming weeks. More information below:

I thought I would provide you some advanced notice on upcoming activities for the E 11th St and Perry Ave project. Feel free to share this information with any and all constituents or refer them to the city project web page at: http://www.bremertonwa.gov/

HWA Geosciences Inc will be performing initial soil explorations for the 11th and Perry Project in the second week in January.  The attached maps show boring locations.
Work taking place: Soil Borings and Hand Augers
Work time: 9AM-3PM M-F
Work Dates: 1/13/20-1/17/20
Locations: (See maps)
E 11th St Boring Locations – Soil boring will occur in the parking areas outside of the drive lanes on 11th St between Pitt Ave and Perry Ave. HWA will core through the asphalt then drill down collecting soil samples at 2½ foot intervals.  The noise during drilling will be considerable during the sampling periods. Sampling periods typically only last 1-2 minutes. After completion of the borings, the parking areas will be restored.
Perry Ave Hand Auger Locations – HWA will perform hand augers will be conducted in grass strips adjacent to the roadway on Perry Ave between 11th St and 17th St.  HWA will not need to be in the roadway and the noise from this procedure is minimal.  After completion of the hand augers HWA will backfill the hole with drilling spoils and replace the sod on top. 

Chris Dimmitt, P.E.
Civil Engineer II
City of Bremerton Public Works & Utilities
Office: (360)-473-2307 Mobile: (360)-277-7569

2019 Harvest Fest & Annual Meeting

Manette residents digging into the potluck dinner

This year’s Harvest Fest was a great success! The community came out in strong numbers with over 30 people in attendance.

The Harvest Fest spirit was proudly on display as folks brought their favorite harvest dishes to share. With choices ranging from dips inside real pumpkins to savory homemade chili, no one went home hungry.

Once dinner was done, the competition for fabulous prizes became fierce during the raffle. Over $60 was raised to support the MNC.

Finally, everyone got down to business with the Annual Meeting. The primary order of business was the election of 2020 board members, which went off with no major issues. More news on board elections to come!

Thank you to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to the Manette Community Church for hosting.

Garage Sale Dates and Sign-Up

The garage sale this year is August 17th. We did a survey last year and the consensus was to change the date so it no longer conflicted with the downtown brew fest. Send an email to manetteneighborhoodcoalition@gmail.com with the subject “Garage Sale” and your address to be added to the map. We will have follow up communications as we get closer to the event on how to download the map. Deadline for submissions is Aug 10th.

Please visit the garage sale event page for more details.

Hill Climb Cleanup 2019

On May 4th, 2019 the MNC board and Manette community members mobilized to clean up Jennifer’s Hill Climb trail. The event was a great success! We had about 15 people over three hours trimming, mowing, and raking the winter’s debris away.

The result is a beautiful Hill Climb memorializing one of the MNC’s founding members. It is an asset to the community and a great space to enjoy our natural splendor. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Featured Photo Submissions

About once each season, the MNC will select a submitted photo to be featured as the ManetteNeighborhoodCoalition.org header! Submit your photo of Manette, Bremerton, or anything showing off beautiful Kitsap life.

To submit your work, send an email to manetteneighborhoodcoalition@gmail.com with the photo attached. Each season a great submitted photo will be given the place of honor with optional name and URL credit.

All media must be original, copyright-free work suitable for public display. The media must be larger than 2000 × 1200 pixels.

Hello MNC!

Welcome to the new MNC site.  Goals for this site include:

  • Becoming a conduit for events and news in, around, and affecting Manette
  • A single and more streamlined point of input for all Manette news sources, including Facebook
  • Providing a front page of fresh, dynamic content
  • Providing a foundation for an eventual newsletter publication to an email list